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Shows from AM880

China Now
"China Now" is a show without boundaries. Besides bunches of the most popular music from China, and the rest of the world...(read more)

"Today" is a news magazine show presenting a nuanced perspective on modern China through discussions with domestic and foreign experts...(read more)

China Drive
China Drive, your daily features magazine, serves up lifestyle, entertainment, discussion and practical news you can use...(read more)

The Beijing Hour
The Beijing Hour is lively news and current affairs program with Chinese as well as international news from around the world...(read more)

The Hot Pot Show
Listen to CRI's hot and happening music and entertainment programme, the Hot Pot Show with Duggy Day everyday on China Radio International...(read more)

Music Safari
Music Safari is very refreshing to listen, nothing 'worthy' just fun, good music, amusing jokes, movie trivia and lots of tittle-tattle with listeners through the web and emails...(read more)

News and Reports
This half-hour show features news headlines on the hour, reports about major issues, regional coverage, press clippings, stocks and the weather...(read more)

Hourly News
Hourly News keeps you updated on the world in just 5 minutes. Major political, economic, sports, and cultural news...(read more)

People In the Know
People In the Know is China's only English-language political current affairs program. PIK covers events that shape not only China, but the world as well...(read more)

Voices From Other Lands
Voices From Other Lands is a half-hour magazine show devoted to interviews and discussions on topics concerning China and its ties to the rest of the world...(read more)


"關注行進中的中國--這里是中國國際廣播電台中文環球,來自中國的聲音 "。中國國際廣播電台中文環球廣播自一九五五年十二月廿五日誕生以來,始終以放眼世界、報道中國為宗旨,為世界各地華僑、華人、留學生、我使(領)館和駐外機構工作人員等及時傳遞來自祖(籍)國的時政、經濟、文化、社會等各方面信息。

目前,中文環球在洛杉磯、溫哥華、悉尼、墨爾本、珀斯、巴拿馬等全球三十多個華僑、華人聚居的城市實現調頻或中波播出,每天為聽眾送上來自中國的新鮮資訊及輕鬆優美、動感十足的音樂,日播總量達一百多小時,讓听眾"身在海外、聆聽中國",真切感受 "行進中的中國" 。









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DJs from AM880

Thomas Rippe
host of Today
Thomas Rippe is something of a vagabond.He made his first trip to China in 1995 after completing bachelor's degrees in history and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin...(read more)

host of China Drive
Mark has enjoyed a varied career, both in radio and TV, and as a writer for various travel and music magazines...(read more)

DJ Duggy Day
host and producer of the Hot Pot Show
Award winning DJ Duggy Day comes from Argyll in Scotland and has been a popular radio Producer/Presenter since the late 1980's...(read more)